Why should a holiday just be a break or getaway when it could very well be a hobby??? Having said that, a holiday could be the perfect way to fulfil one’s hobby wherein we at Travel Arena could offer “Hospitality with a Twist”

There are innumerable amount of twists that can be given to a holiday, which are difficult to put down in a limited space but very definitely possible to be worked upon as per our client’s preferences, and some of those could be as mentioned below…

Family Honeymoons:

When a couple gets married the best way to de stress and discover themselves is with what we so fondly call “The Honeymoon”, nevertheless the wedding time is equally or more stressful for the families of the bride and groom. So why not go for a Family honeymoon?? (Of course not the same destination as the bride and groom).


Food and wine Holidays

“I live to eat” A foodie’s favourite slogan. Food is a major part of our travel plans (especially for Indians). The best way to know a place is to get acquainted with its culture and daily life, what better way than to know its food???? The street food in East Asia, World famous Spices of India and Famous French deserts, The Italian Pizza or Your Typical American Hot Dog. Each of them is one Temptation after another, which attracts a Traveller who is in search of new flavours, spices and aromas. The street food on Bangkok is a delight so is the Chat in Delhi, the ultimate feeling of Bliss to a wine lover’s pallet with wine tasting tours in France, Spain, New Zealand, Italy and much more. Be it the “Wine and Dine” experience or the drive for something local and authentic, we’re here to help you get that right experience which completes your holiday.


Stag and Hen Holidays

So, where is this last night of freedom going to take place? Hmm, decisions, decisions. Tempted by Eastern Europe and its promise of cheap beer and gorgeous men/women? Maybe Bali, which is a partygoer’s and adventure lover’s haven, then there’s always our top favourite Thailand with promising beaches, shopping and nightlife. Or, will you be beating the credit crunch with a cheap Stag weekend close by? Whatever you decide, you're in the right place. There are innumerable options and activities we can offer when you have a Stag or Hen holiday. Treasure hunts, Camping, Party destinations and much more…


Homosexual Holidays

There is a variety of things that can be done on a holiday with your partner and belonging to the same sex makes it even more fun. We not only provide but specialize the entire experience by keeping in mind that as the sexes are similar their likeliness for the destination and thrill will also resemble. As homosexuality is yet to be completely adapted across the world utmost care is taken in planning the entire experience. As it is essential to not only enjoy but feel accepted on a holiday of these soughts. There are lots of destinations in the world today which are actively encouraging such honeymoon experiences out of which Flanders (North of Belgium) is one such example which comprises of Brussels, Bruges, Ghent,Antwerp, Hasselt, Leuven, Mechelen. Its is the second country in the world to eliminate all references to gender in the marriage laws and has had about 5000 wedding ceremonies since 2003, it also has festivals like the Gay and Lesbian Film festival,the BLGP (Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride), Lesbo - which is a Lesbian celebration festival consisting of music, sporting contests, political debates etc. There are many more such destinations which offer various ideas and activities for Same Sex couples out of which a few to name would be Australia, Egypt, Slovakia, Thailand, Ireland, London etc.


Kitty Holidays

The whole purpose of a kitty party is to have a good time in the company of likeminded people coming from different walks of life. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how much fun your kitty friends are when away from their usual self, the best way to know someone is to see them react in non-familiar surroundings wherein you shall be in for a few surprises and the bond created thereon is stronger and deeper…


The Shopper’s Holiday

The “S” word, some call it a disease, addiction, best way to lift a sullen mood etc… We just call it another excuse to holiday. Be it brands, street shopping, flea markets, electronic markets for Gismo freaks, Interior items. Be it China for cheap and stylish shopping for anything and everything under the sun, Korea for being the Mecca of Electronics, Bali for its world-famous Artifacts, home décor items and beachwear, Turkish Bazaars for their Antiques, Ceramics, Carpets and silks or Shopping in Style with the world’s best designer labels at your disposal in Milan or Manhattan. We have it all ready for you to know and experience. If one is a serious shopper and wishes to get the best at its best price, at most places a “Personal Shopper” can be organised to assist you on this important mission.


Spa Holidays

Sleep, eat, relax and have a massage – The “in short” meaning of a spa vacation. Almost 70% of the people staying in Urban cities have a fast paced lifestyle which leaves them with little time for themselves which in turn affects each one’s well being, health and physical appearance. In spite of the various spas in the cities, which are frequented by people the level of satisfaction, is much lesser than expected, not that the spa services (or the high bills) are failing to deliver but the right feel and mood is difficult to set in if you are a few minutes away from home or office while trying to enjoy a spa service. To derive that maximum pleasure and satisfaction the ideal way to rejuvenate is to take a Spa Holiday where one can sit back and enjoy being pampered and fussed upon without having to worry about that traffic on the way back home or the pending work to be finished…


Sports Holidays

Each one of us has a Sport made for us, some discover that at the very beginning stages of their lives whereas to some it comes in time. Be it indoors or outdoors, playing a sport always brings out those hidden qualities in a person, which are not always otherwise visible. There are destinations meant for such people who are in continuous search of Adventure, thrill and that occasional adrenaline rush. Teaming of a particular sport along with a holiday is what enables one to concentrate and enjoy the sport at the same time. It may not be a sport that you specialise in or get to do very often in your hometown, it could be anything which was always on your “to do” list of things or something you would only want to do when on a holiday….


Holiday away the Gambler’s way….

There are specific places in the world for Gambling considered as Gambling Paradises so why not a Specific Gambling holiday???? Places like Monaco, Las Vegas, Gold Coast, Cape Town, Balearic Islands in Spain, the latest hot favourite Macau and many more are practically built for Gamblers. We wish to ensure and enrich this entire experience by turning it into a holiday for you…(appreciation is most welcome in the form of winning chips)

Haunted Holidays, Health Holidays, Culinary Holidays, Festive and Carnival holidays etc. are also some of the suggested holidays one can opt for while planning their Trip. If there are any other specialised holidays which need to be thought of or worked upon we at Travel Arena would be just as excited as you to plan it. Just write in to us at info@travelarena.in or call us at 0091 22 26452281

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